A book box subscription for readers who love romance books & self-care.

What's it all about?

The Royalty Book Box is for readers who love romance and self-care too. If you’re into New Adult, Contemporary, and even Erotic Romance just imagine some of your favorite titles showing up at your doorstep, signed and packaged with care!

If you have broad taste when it comes to romance, and love anything from soft and sweet, to sexy and edgy, and even taboo, then this is the box for you. I am also a “me time” enthusiasts and the first book box to be known for self-care and romance novels, which, I believe, sets Royalty Book Box apart from the others. I believe every woman should have time to themselves to unwind and relax, and with a Royalty Book Box, you will definitely be able to pamper yourself and curl up with a good book too. My goal is to make you feel beautiful, and to realize that it’s okay to take that hour or so to love and treat yourself.

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We always give the royal treatment!

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